3.8m Inflatable boat
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3.8m Inflatable boat
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General Overview

 Infatable boats are widely used in rivers, flooded urban and coastal areas, mountains and lakes, as for the inflatable boats have many advantages, such as light weight and portable, both inflated and deflated. It is easy to operate and can be paddled, pulled by hand or towed by a jet ski, boat or small hovercraft.


♦  Seatan inflatable Boat range: 2m, 2.7m, 3m, 3.3m, 3.6m, 4.5m, 5m, 6.5m, 8m. It's the most popular small size inflatable boat selling. 

♦ Super lightweight , Portable. Fast Roll up and put into one Carry bag. 

♦ Especial Air deck type floor, More lightweight and using more economy outboards. 

♦ Widely used for short Transport, Sports , Pleasure, Fishing, etc.

Seatan Boat Features

♦ Professional manufacturer since 2003, Inflatable boats available 2m to 8m range, Outboard motor 2.5HP-75HP range.

♦ Customize order. Whatever your logo, or Special Color, or your owned design & Style. We make them done.

♦ Every boat perfect finished, ensure the best quality.

♦ Boats + outboards full package selling for pleasure, Offering Boats PVC fabric 3 years + Outboards 2 years warranty
♦ More Option Parts and Accessories for your boats and Engine.



  Full series of Inflatable Boat / fishing boat for selection

Model Length Beam No of chamber Tube dia. Max.
ST150 1.5m/ 4.92ft 1.27m/ 4.17ft 3+1 33cm/ 1.08ft 1 2.5HP 28kg/ 61.73LB
ST200 2.0m/ 6.56ft 1.27m/ 4.17ft 3+1 33cm/ 1.08ft 2 4HP 32kg/ 70.55LB
ST230 2.3m/ 7.56ft 1.27m/ 4.17ft 3+1 33cm/ 1.08ft 2+1 5HP 38kg/ 83.77LB
ST250 2.5m/ 8.20ft 1.27m/ 4.17ft 3+1 33cm/ 1.08ft 3 5HP 42kg/ 92.59LB
ST270 2.68m/ 8.79ft 1.51m/ 4.95ft 3+1 42cm/1.38ft 3 10HP 46kg/ 101.41LB
ST300 2.98m/ 9.78ft 1.51m/ 4.95ft 3+1 42cm/1.38ft 4 10HP 50kg/ 110.23LB
ST330 3.21m/ 10.53ft 1.51m/ 4.95ft 3+1 42cm/1.38ft 4+1 15HP 55kg/ 121.25LB
ST360 3.57m/ 11.71ft 1.7m/ 5.58ft 3+1 44cm/1.44ft 5+1 20HP 68kg/ 149.91LB
ST380 3.77m/ 12.37ft 1.7m/ 5.58ft 3+1 44cm/1.44ft 6 25HP 73kg/ 160.94LB
ST430 4.28m/ 14.04ft 2m/ 6.56ft 5+1 50cm/ 1.64ft 8 30HP 100kg/ 220.46LB
ST450 4.5m/ 14.76ft 2m/ 6.56ft 5+1 50cm/ 1.64ft 8+1 40HP 105kg/231.48LB
ST470 4.68m/ 15.35ft 2m/ 6.56ft 5+1 50cm/ 1.64ft 9 40HP 110kg/ 242.51LB
ST500 5m/ 16.40ft 2m/ 6.56ft 5+1 50cm/ 1.64ft 11 60HP 180kg/ 396.83LB
ST550 5.5m/ 18.05ft 2m/ 6.56ft 5+1 50cm/ 1.64ft 12 60HP 200kg/ 440.92LB
ST600 6m/ 19.69ft 2m/ 6.56ft 5+1 50cm/ 1.64ft 14 60HP 220kg/ 485.01LB
ST650 6.5m/ 21.33ft 2.3m/ 7.55ft 7+1 60cm/ 1.97ft 16 60HP 240kg/ 529.10LB
ST700 7m/ 22.97ft 2.3m/ 7.55ft 7+1 60cm/ 1.97ft 18 75HP 260kg/ 573.20LB
ST800 8m/ 26.25ft 2.3m/ 7.55ft 7+1 60cm/ 1.97ft 20 75HP 280kg/ 617.29LB


 Standard inflatable boat accessories:

 * Foot pump

 * Repairing kits

 * carrying bag ( big size boat with one more floor bag )

 * Aluminum oars

 * Plywood marine seat board


How to install inflatable boats

Product Line Up


Seatan Outboard motor / engine:

2-Stroke: 2.5hp,3.5hp, 4hp, 5hp, 6hp, 8hp, 9.8hp, 9.9hp, 15hp, 18hp, 20hp, 25hp, 30hp, 40hp, 60hp, 75hp

4-Stroke: F2.5HP, F4HP, F5HP, F6HP, F8HP, F9.9HP, F15HP, F20HP, F25HP.


Seatan Boat:

Inflatable boat: 2m, 2.3m, 2.7m, 3m, 3.3m, 3.6m, 3.8m, 4.3m, 4.7m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m, 6.5m, 7m, 8m.

Rigid inflatable boat(RIB boat): 2.7m,3m,3.3m,3.6m,3.9m,4.2m,4.7m,5.2m,5.8m,6.8m,7.3m,7.6m.

High speed inflatable boat: 3.3m, 3.8m, 4.1m, 4.3m, 4.5m, 4.9m.

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