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General Overview

By vacuum absorption make hull more stronger

Best Korea PVC and Frence,italy hypalon tube for choice

Serious and professional factory with good after service

Quality controle process is available

Professional work and quality controle process


♦  Seatan Rigid inflatable Boat range: 2.7m,3m,3.3m,3.6m,3.9m,4.2m,4.7m,5.2m,5.8m,6.8m,7.3m,7.6m. 

♦ Super lightweight , Portable. Fast Roll up and put into one Carry bag. 

♦ Especial Air deck type floor, More lightweight and using more economy outboards. 

♦ Widely used for short Transport, Sports , Pleasure, Fishing, etc.

Seatan Boat Features

♦ Professional manufacturer since 2003, Inflatable boats available 2m to 8m range, Outboard motor 2.5HP-60HP range.

♦ Customize order. Whatever your logo, or Special Color, or your owned design & Style. We make them done.

♦ Every boat perfect finished, ensure the best quality.

♦ Boats + outboards full package selling for pleasure, Offering Boats PVC fabric 3 years + Outboards 2 years warranty

♦ More Option Parts and Accessories for your boats and Engine.



 Seatan RIB boat specification:


Model Length (m/ft) Beam (m/ft) Air Chamber Tube Diameter (cm/ft) Max Person Net Weight
Max Payload 
Max Engine
RIB270 2.7m  1.62m  3 42cm  3+1 64kg (141.09LB) 450kg (992.07LB) 9.9HP
RIB300 3m    1.62m  3 42cm  4 70kg (154.32LB) 500kg (1102.30LB) 9.9HP
RIB330 3.3m  1.62m  3 42cm  4+1 74kg  (163.14LB) 566kg (1247.80LB) 15HP
RIB360 3.6m  1.62m  3 42cm  5 80kg (176.37LB) 800kg (1763.68LB) 25HP
RIB390C 4m  1.82m  3 44cm  6 110kg (242.51LB) 900kg (1984.14LB) 40HP
RIB420C 4.2m  1.96m  3 46cm  6 180kg (396.83LB) 1000kg (2204.60LB) 50HP
RIB470C 4.7m  1.88m  3 46cm  6 220kg (485.01LB) 1100kg (2425.06LB) 50HP
RIB470w 4.7m  2.28m  3 46cm  8 183kg (403.45LB) 1100kg (2425.06LB) 60HP
RIB520C 5.2m  2.05m  5 52cm  10 260kg (573.20LB) 1250kg (2755.75LB) 60HP



 Standard Rigid inflatable boat accessories:


1.Boat-1 piece

2.Paddle-1 pair

3.Repair Kit-1 set(PVC and Glue)

4.High-pressure foot pump(9L)-1piece


6.Boat bag-1piece

7.Air deck (aluminum/plywood/slat) floorboard - 1set

8.PVC 0.9mm

Product Line Up

Seatan Outboard motor / engine:

2-Stroke: 2.5hp,3.5hp, 4hp, 5hp, 6hp, 8hp, 9.8hp, 9.9hp, 15hp, 25hp, 30hp, 40hp, 60hp, 75hp

4-Stroke: F2.5HP, F4HP, F5HP, F6HP, F8HP, F9.9HP, F15HP, F25HP.


Seatan Boat:

Inflatable boat: 2m, 2.3m, 2.7m, 3m, 3.3m, 3.6m, 3.8m, 4.3m, 4.7m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m, 6.5m, 7m, 8m.

Rigid inflatable boat(RIB boat): 2.7m,3m,3.3m,3.6m,3.9m,4.2m,4.7m,5.2m,5.8m,6.8m,7.3m,7.6m.

High speed inflatable boat: 3.3m, 3.8m, 4.1m, 4.3m, 4.5m, 4.9m.

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